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With NLK Plumbing, our customers hold our dedicated plumber Heidelberg in the highest regard. A family owned and operated company with over 15 years’ experience in Heidelberg, our team can assist with any of your residential or commercial requirements including general plumbing, gas fitting, hot water system servicing and installation, or emergency plumbing services available 24/7. By choosing NLK Plumbing, you can rest assured that our steadfast plumbers will complete your needs to the highest conceivable standards. NLK Plumbing guarantees all work completed by our skilful plumbers, so to organise one to come to your Heidelberg home, book an appointment now on 0404 803 333.

When you require emergency plumbing services 24/7 in Heidelberg, call us today

You can’t control when you may need emergency plumbing services in Heidelberg, which is why NLK Plumbing come to you 24/7. Our friendly and skilled plumbers can assist you with any residential or commercial emergency plumbing services. These include such urgencies as burst pipes; gas leaks; blocked drains including sewer and stormwater; unblocking and repairs to the roof, down pipes, guttering and spouting; cold water and hot water system repairs, servicing, sales and installation; gas appliances; and carbon monoxide testing. You can rest assured that all work done by NLK plumbers Heidelberg is fully insured, compliant, environmentally friendly, and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.

For hot water repairs Heidelberg call NLK Plumbing

A brand new hot water system can leave a real hole in your wallet, but more often than not your system is simply in need of repair or a good service. So before you start looking for a brand new hot water system, call one of our expert plumbers for hot water repairs Heidelberg. Regular hot water repairs and maintenance ensure a long service from your home water heater. When you are having problems with your hot water unit, you want to call on an experienced same day plumber. That’s why over thirty years NLK Plumbing have repaired countless hot water systems across Heidelberg and the surrounding suburbs. For more information on hot water repairs Heidelberg, talk to the plumbers that really know hot water systems inside and out, NLK Plumbing.

Blocked drains can cause dramas at your Heidelberg home, deal with it the easy way

Put away your plunger, step away from the drain cleaner, just pick up the phone and call NLK Plumbing and we will fix your blocked drains. Unblocking drains the DIY way could cause many more problems for your Heidelberg home or business. Typically, blocked drains are caused by leaves and rubbish getting stuck in drains and gutters; grease, fats, food deposits, and hair clogging inside drains; and any other types of foreign objects that shouldn’t be in drains. However, tree roots are one of the biggest problems for drains. By trying to reach the nearest water supply, tree roots cause drains to crack and clogging them. Only a professional plumbing service like NLK Plumbing can determine the cause of the problem, and clear it effectively for you. Call us today and a fully qualified plumber will be at your door in no time at all.

Call NLK Plumbing on 0404 803 333 today. We will come to your Heidelberg home or business post-haste, and take care of your blocked drains, hot water system needs, or emergency plumbing services 24/7.