Need a dedicated plumber in Hoppers Crossing? You will find the very best at NLK Plumbing

When you need an experienced plumber locally in Hoppers Crossing, you can rest assured that NLK Plumbing has all your general plumber and emergency plumbing services covered 24/7. As a family owned and operated business, we’ve been assisting customers in Hoppers Crossing with all their residential and commercial plumbing necessities. NLK Plumbing deal with general plumbing, gas fitting and servicing, hot water systems, and emergency plumbing services 24/7. We are honoured to service the local community, and provide all of our customers with resolute and mature plumbers. NLK Plumbing guarantees all our work, so call us today on 0404 803 333 for a competitive local quote in Hoppers Crossing on our general and emergency plumbing services 24/7.

NLK Plumbing, providing emergency plumbing services 24/7 in Hoppers Crossing

Plumbing disasters can be a real inconvenience at your Hoppers Crossing home, which is why NLK Plumbing provide emergency plumbing services 24/7. Our wide range of residential, commercial and emergency plumbing services includes burst pipes and gas leaks; blocked drains including sewer and stormwater; unblocking and roof, down pipes, guttering and spout repairs; cold water and hot water system repairs, servicing, sales and installation; gas appliances; and carbon monoxide testing. All work accomplished by NLK Plumbing is fully insured, guaranteed, compliant, and environmentally friendly.

24/7 hot water repairs Hoppers Crossing

There is nothing worse than a freezing shower when the weather is cool, so fix your hot water system or prevent the problem from occurring with hot water repairs Hoppers Crossing. Do not avoid those early signs — call us to get immediate assistance and avoid further damage. From burst water heating units to leaking valves or a unit that simply won’t relight, we regard hot water breakdowns as an urgent service. Our team of professionally qualified plumbers and gasfitters can provide repairs for electric, gas and solar water systems, as well as heat pumps and associated appliances. We understand that effective water heating is your priority, so for the most informed plumbers in hot water repairs Hoppers Crossing, speak to NLK Plumbing today.

If you are experiencing unpleasant odours from your blocked drains, call an experienced plumber immediately

Bad smells coming from your drains or grates are just one of the few signs of blocked drains in your home. Strange gurgling sounds from your sink, shower, bath or toilet, and low water levels in your toilet are also indications that your drains could be blocked. Many people pull out the plunger, however the problem could be much worse than you realise. Tree roots grow down looking for the nearest source of water, so they crack and invade pipes and drains causing blockages. Only a certified plumber such as NLK Plumbing can ascertain where the blockage is and what has caused it. No matter how bad the problem is we can fix it quickly with little inconvenience caused to your home.

For all your plumbing headaches including blocked drains, hot water systems, and emergency plumbing services available 24/7, speak to our NLK Plumbing experts in Hoppers Crossing today on 0404 803 333.