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Plumbing emergencies can be very scary, most especially because water damage to your property can be expensive than plumbing repairs. When you find yourself in a plumbing emergency Coburg, it is very crucial for you to get professional help right away. While waiting for the professional plumber Coburg to arrive, you must take specific actions to mitigate any damage to your plumbing.


  • Mitigating Water Damage

Shut the water off – This is the first thing you must do during plumbing emergencies. You need to know where your main water shutoff valve is. You also need to know where the shutoffs are for each fixture in your home. So, if just one fixture is causing the problem, shut it off first. In case of a leaking pipe, it is safe to close the main water valve.


  • Shut The Water Heater Off

Leakage from a water heater is both harmful and dangerous. It can cause a major flood and then there is always a chance of electrical malfunction.


If you are using a gas water heater, you must turn the gas to the heater off or the unit itself. When the water is off, hot water and pressure build up in the unit. If you do not do this, your water heater can burst. It may also overheat, and someone can be badly burned when the unit is turned on for the first time.


  • Turn On Outside Spigots

This is a must to drain the pipes. This way, the water will be directed outside rather than inside your home that can worsen any troubles you are having with water.


  • Unclog Drains

There are plenty of tips on how to unclog drains. Feel free to try some of the DIY methods you have found. When it does not work, refrain from using any connected fixture and wait for the professional to arrive.


  • Deal With Any Leaks

Towels and rags can be helpful when handling a light leak. You can also use tape. If you cannot stop the leaks, place a large bucket under the leak to prevent the water from damaging your home.


Finding the Right Emergency Plumbing Experts


List all the possible 24-hour plumbing services


It is a wise idea to look for services offering fixed rates. But if you cannot find one, ask for an estimate before the repairs commence. Keep your list somewhere you will remember easily. You still need to make a paper copy if you decided to keep the list on your smartphone.


  • Search Online

Emergency plumbing services typically list their basic information whilst providing a quick summary of their services. Some even offer direct assistance online to help you control the situation until they arrive at your property. You need to look for mentions of certification and licensing.


  • Conclusion

Plumbing problems are among the issues that property owners can suffer from. When it is not dealt with immediately and adequately, it can lead to more severe damage to your property. Look for an excellent emergency plumbing Coburg service you can call whenever you need to.

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