NLK Plumbing, providing all your local plumbing needs in Melton

When you require plumbing jobs completed locally in Melton, talk to with the team at NLK Plumbing first. A family owned and operated plumber business, NLK Plumbing covers all plumbing jobs including all residential and commercial works. No matter your plumber needs we have you covered including general plumbing, gas fitting, hot water system maintenance, and emergency plumbing services 24/7. Every job completed by NLK Plumbing is done quickly and to the uppermost standard of distinction. For all work that is guaranteed, have a chat with NLK Plumbing today on 0404 803 333, and discuss with us your plumbing job to be done in Melton.

Don’t let a busted pipe ruin your day, call emergency plumber services 24/7 in Melton

Emergencies like busted pipes can happen any time of day, so get it fixed straight away with emergency plumber services available 24/7 throughout Melton. An NLK plumber can take care of any residential or commercial plumbing emergency, and we will do so with only the highest quality of products and fittings. Our customers in Melton call us for a wide range of plumbing emergencies including damaged pipes; gas leaks; unclogging blocked drains and sewers; urgent repairs for roofs, down pipes, guttering and spouting; cold water and hot water system installations and repairs to name just a few. Call now to arrange emergency plumber services at your Melton home today, remember our dedicated plumbers are available 24/7.

For experts in hot water repairs Melton, we have you covered

If your hot water system is giving you cold showers, don’t replace it just yet. The majority of the time your hot water system simply needs a service, a quick repair, or a few parts replaced. It doesn’t matter whether your hot water system is gas or electric — NLK Plumbing can repair it fast with minimum fuss. Here at NLK Plumbing, we provide exceptional hot water repairs Melton. With a broad knowledge on all makes and models of hot water systems including electric, gas and solar, our advice might also save you thousands of dollars a year on your electricity bill. Talk with the experts at NLK Plumbing about our hot water repairs Melton today. We’ll provide you with the plumbing solutions you need.

When looking for an easy solution to deal with blocked drains, speak to us

Blocked drains occur for a wide number of reasons. Outdoors- common reasons include falling leaves, tree roots, and rubbish making their way down into drains. Indoors- grease, fat, food deposits, and hair can cause pipes to quickly become clogged. Non-degradable objects like sanitary items, nappies, and children’s toys being flushed down toilets can also cause major blockages. Blocked drains can occur anywhere throughout your home, so the simplest solution for dealing with blocked drains is to call a plumbing professional. NLK Plumbing are able to find and unclog your blocked drains efficiently. If you have blocked drains at your home or business, call NLK Plumbing today for the best quotes and amazing service throughout Melton.

For plumbing needs in Melton from blocked drains and hot water systems, to emergency plumbing services 24/7; phone 0404 803 333 and speak to the professional plumbers at NLK Plumbing.