When you need a highly skilled plumber in Point Cook, call NLK Plumbing

NLK Plumbing have a wealth of experience providing general and emergency plumber services within Point Cook. Family owned and operated, NLK Plumbing have been servicing Point Cook for over 15 years. With a wealth of experience in residential and commercial plumbing services including general plumbing, gas fitting and servicing, hot water system repairs and installation, and emergency plumbing services 24/7; the plumbers here at NLK Plumbing take great pride in all their work. As a company, we have built a firm position in Point Cook as unfailing and highly skilled local plumbers, with the most competitive quotes available. For guaranteed general plumbing and emergency plumbing services 24/7, call NLK Plumbing today on 0404 803 333.

If you require emergency plumbing services 24/7 in Point Cook, trust NLK Plumbing

We understand that when plumbing emergencies occur, the situation can be extremely frustrating, which is why NLK Plumbing provide emergency plumbing services 24/7 in Point Cook. As well as emergency plumbing services, we cover a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services including busted pipes and gas leaks; blocked drains as well as sewer drainage and stormwater drainage problems; unblocking and repairing roofs, down pipes, guttering and spouting; cold water and hot water system repairs, servicing, sales and installation; gas appliance (heaters and ducts) installation and servicing; and carbon monoxide testing. NLK plumbers always guarantee fully insured, compliant, and environmentally friendly works.

Call us for high-quality hot water repairs Point Cook

Hot water is vital for the running of every household, necessary for everything from washing to cooking and cleaning. If your hot water system is not up to scratch, it may be in need of a good servicing or professional repair. NLK Plumbing can service or repair your hot water system efficiently, to start heating your water better. Our plumbers have leading industry knowledge and expertise on all makes and models of hot water systems — we could even help you save money on your electricity bills! At NLK Plumbing we take great care in providing our customers with the best hot water repairs Point Cook can provide. Speak to one of our experts today and we can help you with all your hot water repairs Point Cook.

Don’t let a simple blocked drain ruin your home

A blocked drain can lead to longer lasting problems if not taken care of sooner. Blocked drains can be caused by a number of reasons. Falling tree leaves can block drains and gutters, and while these are pretty obvious, what you usually can’t see are tree roots growing down into your drains. These can cause drainage pipes to crack over time causing leaks and blockages. Grease, fat, food deposits and hair can also build up, getting stuck inside pipes and causing them to become clogged. Any other foreign objects that can’t easily decompose have the ability to get caught in drainpipes. Whatever type of blockage you might have, it is always advisable to call a professional plumber. Over the counter chemicals could be damaging to your pipes as well as your health, and a cable auger in unqualified hands could just cause further damage to your pipes. With NLK Plumbing we are able to find and fix your blocked drains quickly (including tree roots), and you will always get an honest evaluation from your trusted plumbing expert in Point Cook.

Whatever you need including blocked drains, hot water systems and emergency plumbing services 24/7; call NLK Plumbing today and on 0404 803 333 and one of our highly skilled plumbers in Point Cook will make their way to you.